Thursday, November 4, 2010

Billboards: Word and Image

         There are many different kinds of advertisements, but one of the most common types are billboards.  When you see billboards as you are driving down the road you usually only have a few seconds to look at them. Therefore they must be memorable, brief and to the point and eye catching.  The company wants their design to lure you in so that you will join their group or buy their product.  That’s why the interaction is so important between the pictures and words.  When your driving you need to be able to look up quickly and understand what the company is trying to tell you.  The one word or the short sentence that is on the board will be connected with the picture the viewer is presented with. The goal is for the consumers to see that and to be able to connect the picture and words together so it stays in their mind.  As seen in this McDonald’s add they only have a few words on the billboard advertising a snack wrap. But imagine that billboard only saying “Open your snack hole.”  I don’t know about you but I would be extremely confused, that’s why the picture was needed.  I know exactly what the company was trying to tell me and the add conveyed that message. It makes perfect sense when you combine the two elements to make a whole. 

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