Saturday, November 6, 2010

Making the Impossible Possible

When I was checking my emails I stumbled upon an email from my mom.  It was a chain email entitled “Something different for sure.” I looked down the page and it had an attachment of a slideshow. It was about someone named Erik Johansson, he is from Norrköping, Sweden and he works with photographs in photoshop to turn them into impossible pictures.  Before I had opened this email I was trying to think of a third blog to write about but couldn’t so I took a break. I guess the best artists/designers are the ones you stumble upon. The work Erik does is so unbelievably eye catching and it is different from anything that I have ever seen before.  He takes fantastic photographs and retouches and combines them with another photo and makes an incredible work of art.  His work really makes your mind think and try to figure out the puzzle he has created within the photo.  Even though the photos are impossible photos he makes you believe in them because of how well they are executed. I suggest that you go to his website posted below because his work is truly remarkable.  His views on art are so creative and he really does think outside the box.

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