Sunday, November 28, 2010

Utopian Design

Utopia is near!  The air-powered car is a genius innovative design that was developed by Motor Development International in 2009. It is one of the first commercial applications for the zero-emission engine. The subcompact air car runs on compressed air instead of traditional automotive fuels. A set of carbon-fiber tanks sit underneath the passenger compartment, containing up with 2900psi of compressed air. The tanks power a tiny engine capable of 5.4 horsepower.

The engine works by using compressed air instead of gasoline for fuel. It has a maximum speed of about 100km/h and a range of around 200-300 km per fuel charge, making it ideal for use within the city. The type of engine that is being used a single energy engine, which works simply by using compressed air.   Even by pushing the brake, the car will use its energy to fill a mini-compressor.

Guy Negre the French auto engineer and creator of this air- powered car has also developed a high-pressure air pump that can fill the tanks in less than a minute. These could be powered by clean electricity from hydro, wind or solar power making the air car completely pollution-free.

            This car is supposed to be imported to the United States in 2009-2010.  If auto companies started selling these air-powered cars it would save our country grave amounts of money.  It would save money so we would no longer need to purchase gasoline for cars and therefore no pollution is put into the environment.  This car not only saves people money from gas but the price of buying the car is so much cheaper as well. The Air Car will cost about 7.,000 Euro which is about 9,500 Dollars.

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