Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dangerous Design

            There are many dangerous designs in this world you just need to do some research to be able to find out what went wrong.  In 2009 there was one product that was all over the news it was the Maclaren Stroller.  There were about 1 million strollers recalled because children would end up with fingertip lacerations and amputations. This would happen to the consumer when they would fold the stroller.  The child’s finger would be caught in the hinge and that is where the pinch would occur. 

            When a designer makes a product such as a stroller they should consider that it is a child’s product and that kids are known for fitting their hands into small creases.  The designer should make sure that there are no places in reach of the child for their fingers to be caught, but in the case of this particular stroller it was not tested well enough.  I’m sure the designers did not mean to design the strollers in a way where they would potentially harm the children that were in them. Instead they should have been tested and checked more intently and maybe this dangerous product would have never been recalled, and in the end been called a “dangerous” product. 

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